Trinity College - Beenleigh

Trinity College – Beenleigh

From its opening in 1982 to 1987, a group of Marist brothers lived in community at the College and taught at the school. The first Principal was a Marist Brother – Br John Mullins The Sisters of St Joseph were also prominent in the early formative years of the College. The ongoing support for the Marist traditions is important for the school community today and much work has been done to ensure that the charisms are known by all students, staff and parents. This has been done through the networking opportunities offered through the Association of Marist Schools of Australia – AMSA, (now known as Marist Schools of Australia – MSA). Staff have been able to attend the annual live-in Sharing our Call professional development, several leadership professional development opportunities and attendance at the Hermitage Pilgrimage in France has been attended by both the current principal and the immediate past principal. Our senior leaders have been able to attend the student leadership gathering of Marist Schools over the past few years, enabling them to network with other Marist leaders from around Queensland and developing ideas for solidarity projects within their own communities and abroad. Our students are also annual participants in the Marist Basketball competition held in a variety of places around the country, bringing students together from Marist schools all over Australia.

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